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   Filter Technical Details ::
Polyphenylene Sulfide Felt, 543 g/m2 (16 oz/yd2)

Description :

          A 191C (375F) maximum service temperature, polyphenylene sulfide felt filter bag for use in pulse jet style dust collectors subject to chemical attack.

Features And Benifits :
  • Patented Lyallpur Enterprises membrane technology provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust cake release.
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene scrim offers superior chemical resistance and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Polyphenylene sulfide felt has excellent chemical resistance for longer bag life.
Applications :
  • Chemicals Processing : Dryer baghouses in the pigment, plastic, and catalyst industries.
  • Metals Processing : Baghouses in the foundry, base metal production, and EAF steel production industries.
  • Power Generation and Incineration : Incinerator baghouses and coal-fired boiler baghouses.
Technical Specification :
Fiber Content Polyphenylene Sulfide Staple,
Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene Scrim
Felt Construction Supported Needlefelt, Fiber Scrim
Continuous Operating Temperature 191C (375F)
Maximum Surge Temperature 274C (525F)
Acid Resistance Excellent
Alkali Resistance Excellent
Weight 543 g/m2 (16 oz/yd2)
Breaking Strength
- Machine Direction 1113 N/5 cm (250 lb/2 in) wide sample
- Cross-Machine Direction 1113 N/5 cm (250 lb/2 in) wide sample
Mullen Burst 3447 kPa (500 psi) minimum
Thickness 1.78 mm (0.070 in)
Thremal Stability < 2.0% shrinkage at 204C (400F) for 2 hours
Durability Good

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