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Woven Polyester Fabric, 203 g/m2 (6 oz/yd2)

Description :

          A 135C (275F) maximum service temperature, woven polyester fabric filter bag for use in shaker and reverse air style dust collectors.

Features And Benifits :
  • Patented Lyallpur Enterprises High Durability membrane technology combines the best combination of filtration efficiency, airflow, and rugged durability.
  • The woven polyester backing material is selected to offer the excellent dimensional stability, resulting in a stable laminate with reduced membrane cracking or pin-holing. This translates to a long bag performance life.
  • Optimized construction brings the best properties of the filter materials together into a finished product where the strength of the design matches and enhances the strength of the components.
Applications :
  • Chemicals industries : Pigment dryers.
  • Metal industries : EAF steel plant ventilation systems.
  • Mineral industries : Milling applications.
Technical Specification :
Fiber Content Polyethylene Terephthalate
Fabric Construction 3 x 1 twill
Continuous Operating Temperature 135C (275F)
Maximum Surge Temperature 149C (300F)
Acid Resistance Fair
Alkali Resistance Fair
Weight 203 g/m2 (6 oz/yd2)
Breaking Strength
- Machine Direction 1335 N/2.54 cm (300 lb/1 in) grab
- Cross-Machine Direction 890 N/2.54 cm (200 lb/1 in) grab
Mullen Burst 3102 kPa (450 psi)
Thickness 0.33 mm (0.013 in)

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