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Contract Proposal of Filter Bags :

Lyallpur Enterprises is proudly offering the new concept of Contract System for Filter Bags of Cement Industries 1st time in Pakistan. Which reduce the cost of Filter Bags replacement because replacement of Filter bag is one of the largest operating expenses for a Bag house system. A low priced media with short bag life could actually be more expensive over the lifetime of a system & lost production from an unscheduled shutdown and material emission can greatly exceed the cost of filter media. We are introducing the Contract System with finest quality Filter Bag media.

The Details of contract are given below:

1- Contract Period :

        We offer our value able customers contract of 6-month with complete guarantee of every Filter bag used in the all type of Bag houses for six moths. Minimum four contracts will give to us for first two years. In the start of First contract we will replace the entire Filter Bags used in the all Bag Houses of Factory. After the completion of 6-months all Filter Bags must be changed with new Filter Bags for better performance of Bag houses.

2- Filter Bags Guarantee :

        We offer complete guarantee of Filter Bags used in Bag houses and useless and broken Filter Bags will be changed without any cost in the contract period.

3- Maintain of Stock :

        In contract period we are responsible to maintain stock of Filter Bags same as the quantity used in the Bag houses of Factory. Stock will store in the Factoryís Storeroom.

4- Prices of Filter Bags :

        Price will quote for whole quantity used in the all bag houses of Factory and may vary by dimensions of Filter Bags. The Prices of Coal Plantís Filter Bags & High Temperature Filter will be quoted separately. Prices for products have remained constant throughout the four Contracts or two years.

5- Used Filter Bags :

        The used Filter Bags will be property of Lyallpur Enterprises in the contract period and we will analyze the used Filter Bag for the better performance.

6- Filter Media :

        Our Imported Filter Medias help to improve plant bag house effectiveness and efficiencies. We use best quality Polyester Needle Felt with easy dust remove Finnish for making of Finnish Mill & Raw Mill Filter Bags. The finest Finnish helps for the better cleaning process of every type of Bag Houses. For the Better performance of Coal Mill Filter Bag we use Ant-Static Polyester Blend with 6% Carbon Fiber & 6 % Stainless Steel Fiber Needle Felt with Easy Dust Remove Finnish. For the High Temperature Filter Bags of cement Industry we prefer Nomex Fiber Needle felt with PTFE Coating or Glass Wool Fiber Needle felt. The Life high temperature Filter Bags is longer than Normal Temperature Filter Bags.

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