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P84™ filter bags provide a cost effective solution for many industrial operations. Highly versatile and efficient, P84™ usage ranges from industrial coal-fired boilers, minerals processing, asphalt plants, cement production, soil remediation, waste incineration, power co-generation and other high temperature baghouse applications. P84™ used in filter applications is principally in the form of needle-felted fabric, suitable for use in pulse-jet type dust collectors. The unique, open, trilobal structure of P84™ fibers provides high filtration efficiency, low pressure change, and ease of cleaning

Working Temperatures :

Up To 500ēF When it's too hot for other conventional fibers, consider bags made from P84™ polyimide fibers. These filter bags can operate continuously, under practical working conditions, at temperatures of up to 500ēF (260ēC).

Less Pressure Drop For Lower Operational Costs :

The special manufacturing process Imi-Tech uses to make P84™ fiber results in uniquely formed irregular trilobal fiber cross sections, creating more surface area and smaller voids. Non-woven filter material made from P84™ allows air to pass easily through the filter, for lower pressure drop, providing savings in energy costs because of the continuous low pressure drop. P84™ exhibits exceptional filtration characteristics even though it is generally considered to be a material intended for high temperature application. P84™ fiber is sometimes also combined with other materials designed for lower temperature use such as polyester, simply to enhance fine particle collection efficiencies and to improve operating pressure differentials.

Excellent Cake Release For Easy Cleaning :

Filter bags made from P84™ polyimide are extremely easy to clean because of the anti-adhesive nature of the fibers. Trilobal structure and low surface tension mean the fibers don't hold tightly to dust cake. This keeps fine particles close to the surface, allowing an air pulse to quickly clean the filter. Excellent cake release capability makes cleaning a simple task, resulting in considerable cost savings. Even with the finest dusts, you can achieve long filter bag service and exceptionally good cleaning behavior from P84™ based non-woven filters.

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